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Posted: June 24, 2013 by dannytwoguns in About Me

Im currently getting back into the swing of things and recovering from an action packed few days at the Results Fitness 2-Day Mastermind and Mentorship and the 1-Day Results Fitness Sales Secrets Revealed Seminar, with a head spinning full of information and action items I cant wait to put into action and continuing changing lives and changing the way fitness is done. In an effort to continue that trend, I’ve put together a random thoughts post for everyone to enjoy…

Everyone Needs a Coach

“If you’re not where you want to be, why aren’t you getting taught by someone who is?” – @Jonathan Sprinkles

This seems like a fitting way to start since as I mentioned, Im returning from learning from my coaches, two of the best fitness professionals and fitness business minds, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove. One point we reinforced is that everyone’s “hard” and “easy” are different.

My “easy” comes in the aspects of training and getting clients their fitness/performance results in a timely fashion. My “hard” comes to the aspect of business. So what did I do? I hired a coach to help me.

What does this mean to you? If fitness, fat loss, performance isn’t easy for you, there is an easy solution… Hire a coach to guarantee success in your fitness goals. I happen to know the best one in Erie rather well who guarantees success in your goals.

Rachel Dan Alwyn

Danny Twoguns is the only fitness professional in Erie endorsed by leading nationally recognized fat loss experts, Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove.

Obesity as a Disease

Earlier in the weekend, I posted an article in which nutrition specialist and PhD; John Berardi detailed his thoughts on the AMA’s announcement that obesity is now considered a disease. For those who missed that you can check it out HERE if you didn’t catch it on facebook already.

The long and short there is that medical professionals treat diseases but medical professionals are in no way equipped to treat something that is as much lifestyle related as anything else. While there certainly are medical reasons someone could be overweight or obese, I don’t think it’s out of line to say that the majority of the time it comes down to nutrition and exercise, an area where doctors don’t receive nearly enough education to provide effective solutions for.

Prescribing, “diet and exercise” is far too narrow and there are still doctors who tell their patients that squatting is bad for their knees and they should run instead. Even the bad personal trainers and fitness professionals don’t even recommend that anymore.

I Don’t Hate Jogging/Distance Running, It Just Isnt Effective for Fat Loss

In preparation for potentially doing my first “mud run” of sorts in the near future, a client asked me why I would do it if I hated running. The answer is I’d do it to have fun with friends and clients in a team building atmosphere and like the sub title says, I don’t hate running overall, I just dislike it in terms of doing it with a goal of fat loss (because it doesn’t work) or continually doing it if it causes you pain. Hint – if it hurts don’t do it.

One of the few bad ass “endurance athletes” I’ve come across, Alex Viada put it better than I can in a recent interview with Jamie Lewis over at Chaos and Pain.

“I thought it was pretty damn excellent- one of the best systematic breakdowns of the limitations of steady state LSD [long, slow duration] type training, any why the costs FAR outweigh the often limited benefits. I definitely agree with most of your points- I would NOT recommend long duration steady state cardiovascular work for most folks. It makes it hard to maintain muscle, harder to gain strength, and it’s not ideal for staying lean (you’re taking in huge amounts of calories to fuel energy… take in too few, and you’ll drop muscle. Take in too many, and you’ll just get fat. Long distance training doesn’t make your body want to add on lean mass). Add on to the fact that I agree most of us aren’t “born to run”… neither you nor I is built much like a Tarahumara.”

Bottom line, people who should do long, slow duration type cardiovascular activity are people who…
– Don’t have a goal of adding lean mass (burning calories at rest to get lean)
– Don’t have a goal of fat loss
– Are a competitve endurance athlete and have to train for the events (and should still be doing at least two days of strength training and injury prevention training)
– A high level competitive bodybuilder or powerlifter who cant risk the more taxing recovery of more effective cardiovascular measures as it would take away from their more important training goals

This isn’t to say Im against clients doing mud runs and such. I like them as something to do for fun, on occasion but certainly not as an effective means for fat loss or performance goals.

Choose Yourself

On the trip down to Pittsburgh to fly out and my flight to Los Angeles for the week/weekend, I finished listening to the audiobook, Choose Yourself by James Altucher. It’s also in print as well but he adds additional insights in the audio version that are worthwhile.

But regardless, I really enjoyed this book and got a lot of motivation and action items out of it. He has some great thoughts, some non-traditional, that really make you think and reflect on what you are doing and what you could be doing differently or better.

For my current clients, potential clients and fellow fitness professionals, there is something for everyone in this book and as I listen to it for a 2nd time, this time with a pen in hand the whole time, I’d definitely recommend checking it out and making yourself better.

No link or affiliate link from me. Go to Amazon, go to iTunes, go wherever. Just check it out.

The summary as seen on Amazon…

“The world is changing. Markets have crashed. Jobs have disappeared. Industries have been disrupted and are being remade before our eyes. Everything we aspired to for “security,” everything we thought was “safe,” no longer is: College. Employment. Retirement. Government. It’s all crumbling down. In every part of society, the middlemen are being pushed out of the picture. No longer is someone coming to hire you, to invest in your company, to sign you, to pick you. It’s on you to make the most important decision in your life: Choose Yourself.

New tools and economic forces have emerged to make it possible for individuals to create art, make millions of dollars and change the world without “help.” More and more opportunities are rising out of the ashes of the broken system to generate real inward success (personal happiness and health) and outward success (fulfilling work and wealth).

This book will teach you to do just that. With dozens of case studies, interviews and examples–including the author, investor and entrepreneur James Altucher’s own heartbreaking and inspiring story–Choose Yourself illuminates your personal path to building a bright, new world out of the wreckage of the old.”

That’s it for this post. As always, let me know what you liked/disliked etc and don’t forget to check me out on Facebook and leave a like or comment.

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