Fun Friday – Random Thoughts from the Providence Functional Training Summit

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Here’s the 2nd installment of the Providence Functional Training Summit series. Reader’s seem to like the Random Thoughts post where I go on tangents and talk about whatever so it seemed fitting to do one dedicated to things the summit made me think about. Let’s start with some take home quotes…

Random Memorable Quotes

“Dream so big that when you go to pick it up, you fart” – Thomas Plummer
“If you want what others don’t have… then do what others don’t do.” – Bill Parisi
“Anyone can make you tired, but who can make you better?” – Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney Sprint
“If you’re on fire enough, you will make people burn.” – Martin Rooney
“In the beginner’s mine there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” – Jon Torine via Shunryu Suzuki
Talking of his son wanting to practice lacrosse in the backyard… “What is the point of “getting a sweat” and he was like who the hell cares Im freaking 9 years old” – Jon Torine
“When we take the more is better approach, all we do is get worse.” – Gray Cook
“Its 2013 and I still see people doing things from 1990… are you shitting me?” – Coach Dos
“The next big thing is going back to the basics, not killing people.” – Art Horne


In his “Build Better Athletes” lecture, one of Coach Dos’ principles was “Comfort truly is the enemy.” He followed it up with time to work is for work and you need to out train or out work your opponent/competition EVERY day.

This holds true for your business or for your fitness goals. Complacency builds nothing. You have to always strive to be better. Have a better business, lose more fat, gain more muscle, be a better husband/wife/father/mother, whatever. Nothing ever came to lose who sat around and waited for it or didn’t work hard to get it. Nothing great ever came without sacrifice.

Getting into the gym 2-3 times a week in the summer in Erie when we only have those 3-4 months, if that, of real sun isn’t easy. Sticking to your diet/lifestyle when friends, coworkers, family want to day drink or BBQ unhealthy food choices in that evasive sun, takes some self-discipline. Know your priorities and follow them. But don’t forget to have some fun.

Dan and Nolan 2

You can still spend quality time with the people you want to, just do a little food planning. You can still enjoy the sun and go to the beach, just do it on an off day of workouts or do it after your workout is done.

Remember why you are doing things. Whether it is to fit into that bathing suit with a smidge of confidence, whether it is simply to gain a smidge of confidence, whether it is to get better at your sport, whether it is to play with your son or daughter more often, or better yet to be able to see them grow up. Take time to live life but don’t forget all of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that you are striving for.

Do something that makes you uncomfortable. Get out of that comfort zone and do something amazing or something you thought or “knew” you couldn’t.

The exception is your vacation. Enjoy it as much as you can. But don’t forget to get right back on once you get back. (This also assumes you take only one vacation haha).

Evidence Based Training Approaches

One of the trends in the fitness profession is that of “evidence based training” or evidence based approaches. This essentially means that unless there is significant research to back something, you don’t apply it or see it as valid or effective.

My opinion on it had been that research is definitely a positive thing but a lot of times people handcuff themselves with it. Simply experimenting and seeing that something is effective and working well is more than enough of a reason to continue trying it and getting results with it even though there isn’t any research behind it.

Greg Rose in his presentation said that, “Research/evidence based approaches are the enemy of innovation.” Martin Rooney when asked why his hurricane metabolic training methods made people lose fat and build muscle at the same time, responds with “I don’t know, because I’ve done it and seen it work on myself and hundreds of athletes.”

If people are getting better, healthier, leaner, strong, less injured and moving better through something that hasn’t been through the research trials, then I see no reason to not use it full force.

If something Im doing now, turns out to be shown ineffective or harmful by research, then I have no problem stopping it and admitting I was wrong but until then I am always going to err on the side of innovation and it was great to hear multiple top level coaches saying the same thing.


The Functional Training Summits bring the highest level of education from the highest level of presenters available in the profession. And all high-level fitness professionals, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches agree in an anti-crossfit stance… and they don’t hide it.

Mike Boyle and Gray Cook have been strong advocates against it and it’s good to see more and more high end professionals voicing out publicly against it.

It was approximately five minutes into the Pre-Conference special, “The Future of Exercise Program Design : A Standard Operation Procedure” when the first jab of the weekend was thrown at crossfit.

It was Gray Cook with the quote, “Workout of the Day… is that a program or a playgram?” WOD or workout of the day (or in some circles “with out direction”) is the staple of crossfit and is essentially random programming thrown at you to make you tired. It is exactly what Gray said, a playgram, which isn’t effective for any goal that isn’t simply making you tired.

CrossFit Arms

Pay a fitness professional to make you better and achieve your goals. Not make you tired and convince you it’s doing something positive.

That’s all for this one. Be sure to let me know either on here or FB what you thought of it, liked about it or any feedback at all.

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