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Posted: June 4, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Fun Friday

I’ve been pretty absent from the consistent blogging I had finally gotten around to doing and I apologize. It has been a crazy last few weeks between an influx of new clients, getting things prepared for and running the Muffin Top Meltdown, dealing with some renovation nonsense and starting my first corporate wellness program. All but one being a good reason to not have a lot of time I cant complain too much and I should be back on schedule. With that said, I’ve compiled a few random thoughts to get back into the swing of blogging things…

Muffin Top Meltdown

Speaking of the Meltdown… It has been a complete success thus far and I cant wait to see what develops in the following 3.5 weeks. The final results should be excellent. Everyone is doing great with their training and their diets. I cant wait to reveal the results and everyone’s success stories. And of course, hand out the $1000 grand prize.

Providence Functional Training Summit

This weekend Im off to Providence for the annual Functional Training Summit. Being one of the biggest continuing education events in the fitness profession, I’m rather excited. This event last year marked the first big continuing education event I attended and that first step was a primary reason for how much progress I’ve made since then. When I look back at how much I’ve learned, progressed and grown as a business and person since this event last year, it’s mindblowing in a positive way.

I’m especially looking forward to the pre-conference special event, “The Future of Exercise Program Design” presented by three of my biggest mentors, Alwyn Cosgrove, Gray Cook and Lee Burton. Couple other presenters I’m looking forward to are Bill Parisi with “Becoming a Legendary Youth Performance Coach” and Greg Rose with “Developing Power for Rotary Athletes.”

I want to extend a thank you to my coaches for covering all of the training sessions and the business side of things while Im away.

Group Training Playbook

A couple of my mentors and colleagues have put together a huge training resource that is a cant miss. Its called the Group Training Playbook and it is a compilation of 42 training programs from 42 different fitness professionals. It is a must have for non-clients of Twoguns Training Systems and even a great resource for those already getting results and changing their lives with us. It’s normally priced at $99.95 but you can get it for 50% off at $49.95 until Friday. That comes out to around $1.20 a program. Shenanigans.

A couple of the programs include kettlebell guru, Pamela MacElree with Strength and Conditioning Program for Women, Kristyn Mastroianni with Cardio Core for Awesome Abs and Strong Endurance and Mark Lopez with Ultimate Fat Loss Progressions. Pick it up HERE and let me know what you think.

It’s CrossFit and It’s Going to Hurt?

I stumbled upon THIS article in my “online research”. It is more or less dead on proof of what is wrong with Crossfit (as a franchise, I don’t just individual boxes), written by a Crossfit affiliate and box owner himself. For those of you who don’t want to read that whole ridiculousness, here are a couple of excerpts…

“I’ve never felt something like this,” my athlete Amy said as she grabbed her lower back. I could see fear set in. I watched her walk out. I didn’t see her again for a month.”

“But eventually you’ll learn you’re not in Pleasantville. You’re in real life, and CrossFit will hurt. Three years ago, I would have hidden that truth. Now, I think CrossFit’s ability to hurt is also its most commendable quality.”

“Amy taught me what I should have told her from the beginning. “Welcome to Practice CrossFit. It’s going to hurt.”

“I failed Amy and others like her by not making them aware of the potential CrossFit brings for injury and pain. I did not prepare her for that day of reckoning…”

In short, the article essentially tells you that Crossfit will hurt you and that is something you’ll have to expect and accept as well as that it’s a positive and great marketing piece for Crossfit.

I call bullshit.

If you are hiring a fitness professional, you are hiring that person(s)/studio to show you the correct way how to do things, reach your goal faster than you can on your own and DO SO IN A WAY THAT WONT GET YOUR HURT. People are fully capable of hurting themselves on their own, and if their trainer/crossfit trainer or fitness professional does so, something is insanely wrong.

Accidents happen to everyone and will continue to but it should be an extremely rare occurrence. But hurting clients just isn’t acceptable. I hold myself and the fitness profession to a higher standard. We need to be making people better, not hurting them.

One of my mentors, Mike Boyle put it best as our first rule, “Do no harm.” It has to be the priority. Screen people, program to their needs, around their dysfunctions and improve their weaknesses. Coach them so they can do it right, make sure they do it right and don’t hurt them.

Client Only KB Workshop

In was in the June newsletter, but Im running a KB Workshop for clients only that will detail the Turkish Get Up and the KB Swing. A total body core, stability and mobility exercise in the Turkish Get Up and a powerful, explosive and dynamic posterior chain exercise in the KB Swing.

Both are coaching intensive, time intensive and instruction intensive lifts that require some individual attention and consideration. Rather than spend a training session or two from everyone teaching these, it is more time and cost efficient to run a low price workshop so everyone is on the same page and doesn’t lose any unneeded training session time.

Price is $20 and the first tentative date is June 15th at 8am. I know its the day before Father’s Day but it should be alright. I will have one during the week after possibly but clients, let me know as soon as possible who is attending so I can finalize things. I may run a non client one in the future as well if there is interest.

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