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Posted: April 16, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Resistance Band Training

As most of you know, one of my training mentors is Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz. I’ve seen him present multiple times before and will again see him present this upcoming weekend as well at the Elite Training Workshop in Boston.

He is, without question, the world’s leading expert in resistance band training. As such, he’s my “go-to guy” when it comes to learning new resistance band training exercises and workouts.

He just released his newest eBook – the Attachment Free Single Band Training E-Guide – Find it HERE

I checked it out and it is a great resource. I’m recommending it to all my clients, readers and non-clients.

It is a great fit for my clients who are looking for a good and effective off day workout that they can do outside of my studio, at home, while traveling and really anywhere, anytime.

For those who don’t train with me, this is a great resource not only to get a glimpse of some of the things we are incorporating at Twoguns Training Systems but also to get in great and effective workouts that challenge your body in ways you haven’t previously with no gym or trainer required.

Here’s What’s Included in the Attachment Free Single-Band Training E-Guide…

29 Attachment Free Single-Band Exercises with Demonstration Video Links

Dave’s Favorite 4 Program Design Templates – Use these to build a virtually unlimited number of workouts using the exercises provided…

26 Perfect Pair Supersets – These are Dave’s go-to exercise pairings when building his workouts. The transitions are seamless, and the metabolic boosting; total body conditioning results are phenomenal!

Take a look at Dave’s new book HERE. It’s on sale to celebrate the launch, so if you’re going to grab it, do it and save $10. He is also including a coupon for band purchases with it as well.

As we always preach, no one tool is a miracle cure, but resistance bands are definitely a very versatile tool and a great supplement to a well-structured training program. For some added information, I’d like to share Dave’s Top 6 Reasons to Train with the Single Band Attachment Set-Up.

1. Portability – There is hands-down no more portable way to resistance train than using a single band in an attachment free set-up. All you need is a small space to train in. Business, vacation, personal travel, home workouts and outdoor workouts are easy to do anytime and as you will soon see, space is no longer a convenient excuse.

2. Unlimited Resistance Potential – Back in the day it was all about the weight and how heavy we could go. Well that mindset has changed for me as I have come to realize that form of training on an aging body can be a high-risk low-reward approach. However every now and then those male tendencies kick in and pushing a little heavier resistance is fun to try. Fortunately with bands, resistance is unlimited and it doesn’t require me packing weights and barbells to accomplish this, and it allows me to gradually progress into the resistance which is a much safer approach.

3. Ability To Train All Force Vectors – I learned a long time ago that the more vectors and angles you can train at the leaner more defined your body is going to be. The pliability of a resistance band allows you to quickly change up your angles and force vectors during a workout which not only keeps the workout fresh, it also keeps the muscles constantly guessing and adapting.

4. Seamless Exercise Transition – I hate having to change weights or grab a different size dumbbell or kettlebell as I transition through a strength circuit. Very often time is a premium and I need to be able to move through my strength workout efficiently. Fortunately with band training, switching from one exercise to the next comes down to simply changing your feet, hands or band position on the body. All of these changes take literally seconds, which keeps recovery short and the metabolic system churning.

5. Changing Intensity on the Fly – The key to a great workout is INTENSITY. It’s not the tool, the program design, the exercises or the location. Changing tempo and resistance is typically the most common way to alter intensity in a workout. With bands this means training at a different rep speed or quickly changing the stretch tension on the band by repositioning your body relative to the band attachment site. As a result, if your body is having a high energy day, you can quickly give it more intensity instantly which means your workout just became more productive.

6. Convenient Metabolic “FAT BURNING” Workouts – We all know interval strength training is the best and fastest way to burn fat and create that all-important “after-burn” effect. Muscles are dumb and do not know what type of resistance or resistance tool is being used. They simply react and adapt to the resistance being applied. Therefore, it is not the tool but how much work is being done with the tool. As you will soon discover, you can rock a workout like no other with resistance bands.

Click HERE to grab your discounted copy of Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz’s new eBook – the Attachment Free Single Band Training E-Guide. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

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