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Posted: November 12, 2012 by dannytwoguns in Resistance Band Training

One of my buddies and mentors, whom I’ve gotten all of my bands and most of my band fun/torture that clients experience, “The Band Man” Dave Schmitz, has sent his inner circle a special offer to send to their clients and readers.

As part of his pre-holiday special, I got an email from Dave with an awesome gift…

It’s his killer abdominal training ebook:

This thing is LOADED with amazing ab exercises … there are a bunch I’ve never even tried until this past weekend. They’re no joke, my abs are torn up.

Anyway, go ahead and grab your free copy of Dave’s abdominal training ebook right HERE

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the exercises.

But the best part…

Dave is hooking me up with a special coupon code to share with my friends, clients and readers this week so we can all SAVE 10% on his site and it’s products.

He has three fantastic resistance band training packages and each of them comes with a training guide…

o Economy Fitness Package [HERE]
o Total Fitness Package [HERE]
o Advanced Total Fitness Package [HERE]

When you checkout, be sure to enter coupon code: tbmgift10

Please note; the coupon expires this Friday at midnight so be sure to set aside a few minutes (like right now!) to do some early holiday shopping…

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