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My name is Danny Twoguns and I currently operate a personal training studio inside of Nautilus Fitness in Erie, Pennsylvania. My main offerings are Semi-Private Personal Training, Large Group Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning emphasizing in the rotary athlete (baseball, lacrosse etc).

Ive been a trainer/coach for a little over 5 total years seriously/full time. In the beginning, I was working the front desk at a Gold’s Gym (the now defunct Gold’s Gym Garden City Park, NY) as a way to pay the bills throughout college because I had just lost close to 100 pounds and enjoyed lifting as well as a newly active lifestyle. It was there I became a certified personal trainer and started training clients. Quite a few years later, I have been working at Nautilus Fitness (where I did my undergraduate internship) for over 3 years and doing personal training there for the past two of those years.

Ive been running Twoguns Training Systems and independent contracting out of Nautilus with a business based around clients getting real and tangible results as well as becoming one of the leading fitness authorities in Erie. As I write this, it is the second month of operations at my new studio (which is located inside of Nautilus Fitness), and we have big things in store for the immediate future.

Ive generally stayed away from the “internet world” and the “blogging world” in terms of my business, fitness and me writing mainly because I firmly believe that there are a lot of fitness and training blogs where the author has no business knowledge wise to be maintaining a blog and giving advice or instruction on the field. Im in the school of thought where you have to spend the majority of your time actually putting your time in, training real people to get real life experience before you have anything worthwhile to say.

This past weekend I attended Fitness Consulting Group’s Fitness Business Weekend seminars where a few of the presenters emphasized having a website and blog to help spread your message and philosophies and I decided it was about time to make the jump.

With that said, Ive been doing some great things in the business and in the Erie area and am confident that I have the knowledge and experience to be worth listening to and provide substance worth reading. As my business and I grow, I want to help more than just the people I meet with and train in person on a daily basis and I think this blog will be a good outlet for that.

My main goal with this blog going forth will be to mainly be an educational resource for the Erie, Pennsylvania area. I want to make the city of Erie leaner, fitter, sexier and stronger. My goal is a minimum of two posts a week, hopefully exceeding that as we go along. You will be able to take away some quality health and fitness information as well as a look into what we are doing at Twoguns Training Systems. Stay tuned.

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